Data Center Services

Techvivid Systems (TVSL) is an expert in day to day management of your IT Operations. We manage Enterprise to Small Business Datacenter services for our clients and customers. We provision Servers, provide support and manage all maintenance activities. We provide latest Server platforms, hosting, Operating system, antivirus and monitoring services. Our powerful configuration helps your high-load, mission critical, performance-dependent Datacenter requirements with faster turnaround time and proven uptime availability in Industry. Customers can add servers as and when required in existing setup, an existing server can be upgraded with reduced operating expenses. We provide easy upgrade and expand of your server’s internal storage.
Our operations team expertise and support is easily available for datacenter maintenance and monitoring tasks. TVSL provides highly scalable, dependable and comprehensive range of storage and datacenter solutions, designed to offer highest level of protection to your critical business assets. Through an optimal mix of onsite and offshore services, we offer a comprehensive and integrated suite of remotely managed services to your on-premise or outsourced data centers. We help you standardize and set uniform performance SLA’s for your IT operations.
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